Few technology decisions impact your customers as much as your teller automation system. TellerElite enables users to completely re-engineer the process of capturing and settling teller transactions at the point of entry for a “once-and-done” workflow.

Key Features of TellerElite:

  • Item capture and transaction balancing at the point of presentment.
  • User friendly system that leads the teller through capture and balancing quickly.
  • Full denomination tracking.
  • Negotiable instrument purchases – cashier checks, money orders, etc.
  • CTR verification that consolidates transactions across all branches, for accurate and complete reporting.
  • Bond redemption automation.
  • Positive pay support.
  • Host verification of on-us items.
  • Transaction command center that streamlines processing of transaction sets.
  • Virtual tickets can be used to replace cash in’s, cash out’s and other paper tickets.
  • Ability to send emailed teller receipts if desired by your customer.

TellerElite is an ALL-IN- ONE solution in processing teller transactions and ensuring your bank is complying with bank regulations.  A Comprehensive and Innovative Teller System that interfaces with the BancPac Core system and enhances your customer and bank employee overall banking experience. 

We make you a priority so you can make your customers a priority.

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