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Bankers IT Assessment: Spot Potential Risks or GLBA Issues

10 Point check up

One of the greatest challenges financial institutions face is mitigating the risk of fraud and protecting the financial assets of their customers. Auditors and regulators are putting even more pressure on financial institutions to have a solid information security plan in place. Now’s the perfect time to assess some hidden threats and uncertainties.

21CFS has put together this quick assessment. Consider your answers to these ten questions as you put further safeguards in place to protect your bank.

1. Does your firewall scan the data within the packets coming into you or just the ip address? If you don’t know or you are just blocking ip addresses you have a greater risk.
2. Do you know all the ways people have access to your data? Old modem lines, remote access, mobile devices, external vendors?
3. How do you keep employees from sending out personal data over email?
4. In the event of a disaster, have you actually done a full server restore and been able to bring the restored server back online?
5. Have you estimated the amount of time it will take in a real world scenario to get your systems back online? Multiple restores going at the same time will slow down your recovery times.
6. Do you have multiple layers of security protecting your systems? Employees are the largest risk. How have you mitigated employees clicking on a web link or opening a malicious attachment by accident?
7. Can your employees identify a bad email address or doctored web address?
8. Do you have any older equipment or older software that is not supported by the vendor in case of failure or s/w vulnerability?
9. Your IT admin just left due to a disagreement. Do you have access to all of your servers and hardware or critical applications?
10. Do you have the ability to delete an employee’s email on their phone after losing it? Have you tested it to be sure?

How did you rate?
This high-level questionnaire is just a baseline to help prioritize your bank’s risk. 21CFS industry-based risk assessment methodology helps you put the right internal controls in place and build an efficient information security program. Our experts can help you provide auditors and regulators with the information that need that shows your bank has analyzed risk and developed a thorough and on-going IT audit plan to assure the controls protect your bank, assets and customer information.

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