Business Resumption & Disaster Recovery Importance!

Business Resumption & Disaster Recovery Importance!

Does Your Core Vendor Have You Covered If Disaster Strikes?

Be Confident: 9 Questions to Ask Your Core Vendor 

Disasters can strike at any time –often with little or no warning –and the effects can be devastating. Community banks are among the many businesses that face unique challenges when it comes to threats. Your core processing system is the heart of your bank and your customers are relying on their information to be secure. So, when you are researching a core vendor for your bank, it’s crucialto make sure they have a solid plan in place if the threat of a disaster happens.

How confident are you that your core vendor can handle a disaster and have your bank’s core

system up and running—fast!

This is just a short list of questions you should consider:

Are you backing up tape each night?

Where are you storing the tape?

Is there a replacement system available?

Where would you locate it?

How long before you’re online again?

Is your off-site storage far enough away, and secure?What solutions do you offer to assure business continuity?

Do you perform disaster recovery mock-tests?Do you meet the FFIEC regulatory requirements for disaster recovery plans?

21stCentury Financial Services has you covered with a solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan to protect your bank’s information assets in the event a disaster strikes. We test our disaster recovery process annually to validate that our customers will experience little or no down time if a disaster strikes the 21stCFS data center. We have back-up servers at our DR site that are used daily by the 21stCFS staff to insure the accuracy of our customer’s information. We have a generator at our data center that protects usfrom loss of electric power for any reason. The 21stCFS disaster recovery testing results are reported to the 21st CFS board each year to ensure the integrity of the process is maintained each year.

For more information contact: Tanna P. Faulkner, Sr.Vice President, National Sales, 21st Century Financial Services at 866-398-2178 x140 or by email

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