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Texas-Based R Bank –Implements An Innovative Teller Solution That’s Saving Time & Money R Bank ($305M) is an independent community bank located in Round Rock, TX.When R Bank opened their doors in June of 2009, they were in need of assistance and expertise in managingvendor relationships.They turned to 21stCentury Financial Servicesfor guidance.R Bank’s business plan was to focus on delivering exceptional high-touch customer service and meeting the needs of their community.After extensive due diligence for the right core vendor to partner with, R Bank selected BancPac® platform from 21st CFS.In addition, R Bank selected one of 21st CFS’ ancillary, value-added products to streamline the bank’s operations and enhance check processing. “We chose to implement the 21stCFS/FIS TellerElite product because we needed a branch capture feature where all deposits are captured electronically. R Bank runs on FIS BancPac core so therefore, TellerElite integrates smoother

and easier because all operations are on the same platform.There is no toggling back and forth to other programsand our staff enjoy the fact that you don’t need a separate sign-on. Plus, the product integrates with our BankSecrecy Act Program”, explains Mark Kesselring, Senior Vice President of R Bank. The TellerElite program represents a change from the traditional independent processes of accepting transactions through the teller line and then capturing items in a back-room proof department.  With the new teller capture feature, R Bank can scan and use images in place of paper documents so items can be truncated at the earliest possible time to minimize handling and reduce possible errors. The tellers can now scan items into electronic form at the time of presentment, and subsequently, the items are moved around electronically.

For R Bank’s compliance reporting, CTR verification is a key feature that consolidates transactions across all branches, for accurate and compete reporting. All data is available to the bank’s compliance officer for review, reporting and filing. When examiners arrive, they can audit the paper records or review the data electronically.

“The solution definitely helps the bank save money every single month and reduces the time associated with check proofing and imaging operations”, says Kesselring.Additionally, TellerElite reduces courier costs, cash letter carryover and dependence on expensive sorters along with forgery detection and fraud deterrence features. By converting to the TellerElite program, R Bank is saving over $4,500 per month in processing fees. “21st CFS’s products and services help our bank streamline efficiencies. Their support staff was committedto help us understand the program and answer any questions during the implementation process,” says Kesselring.

For more information contact: Tanna P. Faulkner, Sr. Vice President, National Sales, 21st Century Financial Services at 866-398-2178 x140 or by email

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