What Makes Us Different

21 Century Financial Services (21CFS) forever changes the way your bank processes checks and as a direct result, improves the service and support you can give back to your customers. We strive to provide you with the service and experience in these 6 key areas:

Availability – Your bank will never experience down time as we use the most accurate technology that insures processing continues to a recovery system should the primary network have problems. Your banking customers will have access 24/7 to their financial information in a secure and fail-safe environment.

Flexibility – 21CFS gives you the tools so you can easily adjust products, delivery channels and reporting needs to the ever-changing regulatory requirements. If you can dream it for your bank, 21CFS processing can make it happen.

Security – The 21CFS data centers (primary and DR) used for processing include the best of breed physical security as well as redundant power and telecommunications facilities. You have the peace-of-mind your customer’s vital information is protected.

Convenience – You will have access to banking information in a variety of ways. Information needed to operate the bank is delivered via a graphical interface that allows you to view the data in its most effective manner, graphs, charts, spreadsheets and image displays depending on the need. Banking customers can view and manipulate their banking information through notebooks, desktops, laptops, smart phones, text phones and even voice from traditional telephone technology.

Technology – When you work with 21CFS, you will receive a technology-driven service that allows your bank to compete with the mega-banks without having to be an expert in the underlying technology. We take care of all the high level functionality so you can focus on the daily operations of the banks.

Service – 21CFS is passionate about providing the most dependable service in the industry. In addition to a highly trained customer support staff, you are assigned a personal Strategic Account Manager (SAM) who works hand-in-hand with your team. Your SAM will make regular site visits and calls to ensure we are meeting your needs. We are there to answer questions, provide input and feedback and make the engagement streamlined.

Together, we go beyond the expectations of your customers.

We make you a priority so you can make your customers a priority.

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