Core Processing

Core Processing

21 Century Financial Services (21CFS) thoroughly researched all the core processing solutions and found that BancPac from Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. delivers the most efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective systems for de novo and small community banks.

Operating in a familiar Windows® environment, BancPac offers you flexibility, control and the ability to customize your bank’s data processing solutions. Placing powerful information at your employees’ fingertips, BancPac delivers simplified, streamlined processing that provides your customers with fast and accurate account information.

BancPac consists of a series of integrated systems, including customer information file, common deposit accounts, certificates of deposit and IRAs, common loan accounts, general ledger and financial management. These systems work together to accommodate all your information processing needs.


BancPac delivers one of the most efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective systems for core bank processing available in the market today. Combining the power of the personal computer with true client-server technology, BancPac offers you flexibility, control and the ability to customize your bank’s data processing solutions. Placing powerful information at your employees’ fingertips, BancPac delivers simplified, streamlined processing that provides your customers with fast and accurate account information.

BancPac consists of a series of integrated systems, including customer information file, common deposit accounts, certificates of deposit and IRAs, common loan accounts, general ledger and financial management. These systems work together to accommodate all your information processing needs.

BancPac is PC based, operating in a Windows environment, so the system can be use PCs currently installed at your financial institution. It is also built using .NET, Windows Presentation Foundation and C#.

Document Imaging

Our integrated loan and account/portfolio management software, centralizes and consolidates collateral data, making customer information easily accessible and allowing lenders to see critical information before releasing additional funds. Member information is viewed in one relational data set that provides a comprehensive snapshot of the member’s entire loan portfolio.

These solutions integrate your people, business processes, sales methodology and sales training with automated software systems. This enabling your team to work together from the initial contact through the sales, application, approval, origination, administration and reporting processes. Users throughout your institution have a bank-wide, common view of the overall member relationship including: accounts, in-process work, activities, contacts and sales opportunities. The result is greatly improved communications, streamlined administrative functions and a complete snapshot of the sales and service pipeline.

Online Reporting

Your institution will become more efficient with our advanced report storage and retrieval system that permanently stores vital information on CD. Our 32-bit technology provides 100 percent protection against data loss and ensures recovery in the event of a disaster. With Vision, an institution becomes more profitable, productive and efficient by eliminating microfilm and microfiche, reducing labor costs, lowering storage costs, and enhancing client service response time.

IT Services

Virtual Chief Information Officer Services: The VCIO service will work with senior management and be responsible for assisting businesses in developing strategies that utilize technologies to improve or create new offerings to benefit their customers or for their own internal use.  This service allows the business to focus on its strengths and not have the financial burden of a full time CIO.  With the vCIO services the business is retaining a professional with the proficiency of keeping up to date in the ever changing information technology landscape.

Cloud-based Server Hosting:  Hosting of server infrastructure in the private 21CFS cloud.  This allows your business to be relieved of normal tasks and expenses associated with maintaining an internal server infrastructure.  This also allows you to shorten the timeframe needed to ramp up the infrastructure needed for new business offerings.

Email spam filtering and Encryption – Service provides the function of scanning emails for viruses as well as checking for spam based messages.  Services allow for users to review any blocked emails and customize what emails are approved or blocked.  This service also provides encryption services for outbound emails that the user wishes to be encrypted or has key words that have be defined as personal information to stay in federal regulatory compliance.

Firewall / Router monitoring and configuration and capacity planning service: Provides firewall and router configuration and monitoring services to ensure adequate restrictions are in place to prevent unauthorized access and allow for communication between locations to meet business requirements.
Server monitoring and compliance reporting – Service provides for the monitoring of servers for capacity planning, compliance checking to ensure servers are kept up to date with needed operating system security patches.

Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning: Provide security scanning services on business equipment to identify and remediate any anomalies found during the security scan process.  This ensures the business is aware of any potential security threats created by out of date patching or unnecessary access to public facing servers.

Systems Integration Services – provide consulting assistance with planning, project management and implementation of hardware and software solutions to meet the requirements for new solutions being implemented by the business for its internal use or for its customers.

Disaster Recovery Services: Provide DR planning and infrastructure services needed to enable a business to recover from a disaster in a timeframe and functional level define by the business requirements.

Mobile Banking

21CFS Mobile Banking
Connect customers to their money

As a licensed reseller of FIS, 21CFS Mobile Banking Solutions that empowers financial institutions to win with mobile. We deliver the mobile features, technology platform and strategic vision to attract and delight customers, both now and in the future. The solution is available for all of today’s smartphones and tablets. Mobile Banking provides the functionality your customers know and love, from view balance to view-and-search transactions to account-to-account transfers. Additionally, we provide more to our customers by including innovative functionality to our standard solution such as rapid passcode access to account balance and Cardless Cash™. Beyond the standard solution, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of features to increase customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction in the mobile channel.

Key Features:
Snap a picture of a check. Processing is secure, rapid and extensive.
Deposits are faster, easier.

Select the account, choose payee,
enter amount, touch pay. Pay the mortgage, utilities, and rent on the fly.

Send on-demand mobile payments to
anyone with an e-mail address or mobile number through a variety of methods.

Search nearby branch and ATM
locations. Enable customers to find what they need faster.

Receive in-app alerts for low balance, overdraft, fraud and promotions. Push notifications and message center make it easy.

Enjoy tablet-optimized user interface
and check deposit capabilities for Apple, Google and Amazon app stores.

Deliver a bank-branded mobile wallet.
Credit, debit, integrated loyalty offers and rewards. Use at POS, online and more.

Pre-order cash anywhere, any time.
Withdraw cash at ATM quickly, securely with a QR code – all without using a card.

Engage users with in-app space for marketing, cross-selling and promotions. Enable mobile to generate revenue.

Deliver the same rich mobile experience enhanced with business-only features
tailored to valued commercial customers.

Surface new mobile features from 21CFS and other third-party providers through our extensible application platform.

Better understand customers through KPIs for adoption, feature penetration, device usage and much more.

Extensible Application Platform: Freedom of Choice
21CFS Mobile Banking is built on an extensible application platform, which enables our solution to be open to change – whether it’s third party or custom features – due to our open technology approach. Our experienced professional services team takes a consultative approach to providing clients with the freedom to enhance their competitive advantage by surfacing any mobile feature to better connect banking customers with their money.

The Power of Extensions
21CFS Mobile has partnered with clients to deliver the following in-market features:

•   Appointment Scheduling – Allow customers to book appointments for specific banking purposes at the branch of their choice.
•   Merchant Rewards Management – Provide revenue generating, merchant-funded offers based on customers’ recent purchases,
providing cash-back, direct-to-account rewards.
•   Check Image Display – Include check images within transaction
details for phone and tablet apps as well as mobile Web.
•   Social Media Integration – Directly integrate social media into branded mobile experience to better connect with customers.
•   Personal Finance Management – Empower customers with access
to robust finance management tools from directly within the app.
•  Debit Card Control – Provide customers with the ability to enable or disable the use of their debit cards.

21CFS Mobile solutions offer superior security via multi-factor authentication, SSL encryption, device identification and timeout, user entitlements, passcode, and flexibility to support the unique standards of each institution. Our advanced security features give customers and banks the peace of mind that their data and transactions are safeguarded.

Get Started Today
21CFS Mobile Banking connects customers to their finances in a way that’s intuitive, innovative and safe. Contact 21CFS to learn more today!

Check Capture

Check Capture

To eliminate handling of paper items at the first point of presentment, 21CFS provides several methods of Check21 ready check image capture.

21CFS utilizes the ImageCentre solution from BankWare to provide Check21 services to its customers. 21CFS totalTELLER provides POD at the teller location and forwards captured images to ImageCentre for cash letter preparation, posting file creation and archiving for future inquiry. The image archive can be accessed directly by the bank or by the bank’s customers via Internet Banking.

21CFS complies with Check 21 and image exchange, enabling your institution to take full advantage of electronic item exchange. 21CFS will enable your institution to exchange images with national and local clearing networks, local financial institutions and others.


Few technology decisions impact your customers as much as your teller automation system. TellerElite enables users to completely re-engineer the process of capturing and settling teller transactions at the point of entry for a “once-and-done” workflow.

Key Features of TellerElite:

  • Item capture and transaction balancing at the point of presentment.
  • User friendly system that leads the teller through capture and balancing quickly.
  • Full denomination tracking.
  • Negotiable instrument purchases – cashier checks, money orders, etc.
  • CTR verification that consolidates transactions across all branches, for accurate and complete reporting.
  • Bond redemption automation.
  • Positive pay support.
  • Host verification of on-us items.
  • Transaction command center that streamlines processing of transaction sets.
  • Virtual tickets can be used to replace cash in’s, cash out’s and other paper tickets.
  • Ability to send emailed teller receipts if desired by your customer.


TellerElite is an ALL-IN- ONE solution in processing teller transactions and ensuring your bank is complying with bank regulations.  A Comprehensive and Innovative Teller System that interfaces with the BancPac Core system and enhances your customer and bank employee overall banking experience.

Remote Deposit Capture

21CFS Remote Deposit Capture puts the ability to make deposits right at your customers’ fingertips, regardless of your bank’s geographic footprint. You will gain new opportunities to acquire and retain high-value customer relationships from business accounts in any location. Business customers will welcome the time savings and expense reduction that 21CFS solution affords by eliminating costly trips to the bank while realizing improved funds availability.

21CFS Remote Deposit Capture is a thin-client solution that operates fully online through 21st CFS data center. No solution software or images reside on the hardware of your financial institution or your end-user customers, and only a simple login is required to make deposits remotely. This easy-to-deploy solution allows customers to quickly start scanning checks from a variety of certified devices.

e-Banking Solutions

e-Banking Solutions

Your retail and commercial customers now depend on convenient banking services that they can access electronically—via telephone, ATM, at the point of sale and over the Internet.

21CFS designed our e-banking solutions to meet the changing ways your customers manage their money. Now you can offer the latest online technology to increase satisfaction and loyalty. The online banking experience has changed how commercial and retail customers judge and value their financial institution. Our solutions enable you to offer a robust online technology that is critical for your success. You’ll also find enhanced functionality to meet the growing needs of consumers who prefer online banking to branch locations.

Internet Banking

Personal Accounts – Internet banking services offer more than just a convenience to your customers, it gives your institution another touch point for cross-selling products and services and strengthening relationships. No matter what activity they’re engaged in, your customers will have online access to current information because our Internet banking offering is completely integrated with our core processing solution. Capabilities include:

  • online enrollment and account applications
  • customer authentication
  • account summary
  • detail and history views
  • single check retrieval
  • stop payments
  • bill payment, and much more…

Business Accounts

Your commercial customers need real-time, around-the-clock access to their accounts from home, office or even while in transit. Our business Internet banking solution includes account balance and transaction history reporting so your clients can view summary information for all their accounts on a single screen and then drill down for more detail. It also enables clients to create ACH batches that are aggregated with transactions from other clients. Other capabilities include:

  • online fund transfers
  • bill payment
  • wire transfers
  • secure file transfers between your institution and your client
  • stop payment processing, and more…

Check Imaging

Accurate Data in the Most Efficient and User-friendly Way

Utilizing the industry’s first and only complete Internet Browser-based software from BankWare, 21CFS provides the ability to integrate and archive check images, document images, remittance images, statements, reports, signature cards, and other information. This solution will scale with your growth and is easy to use for all your document capture, processing, archive and retrieval needs. Back-up and recovery is streamlined utilizing a single system architecture and database. Empower your bank by providing access to mission critical information at your fingertips required in today’s highly competitive environment.

21CFS will enable your institution to exchange images with national and local clearing networks, local financial institutions and others. And we are completely Check 21 and image exchange ready with full Check 21 compliant solutions.

Compliance Solutions

Banking Compliance Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Your bank holds critical personal information that cyber-attackers want from bank accounts, home addresses and social security numbers. All this personal data can be breached if proper network security controls are not in place. Established by the GLBA , banks are required to keep customer information safe, confidential and not be accessible by unauthorized users, such as cyber-attackers, which require constant monitoring.

21CFS keeps your bank in compliance. This includes a very sophisticated search engine built into the 21CFS totalTELLER solution for BSA and AML compliance as well as CTR reporting.

All solutions offered by 21CFS have been vetted for GLBA compliance and 21CFS goes through annual audits for controls affecting financial statements (SSAE16 SOC1 type2, formerly SAS70), IT Controls, GLBA compliance and the IT FFIEC examination by the banking regulatory agencies. You can obtain the results of the FFIEC Exam by contacting your FDIC representative.

Compliance for disclosure is provided by 21CFS partners that help you open new accounts for both deposits and loans. OFAC checking is performed by both the new account opening function, the ACH creations function as well as a monthly review of the entire customer data base. With 21CFS, you can rest assured that your compliance is in good hands.

Virtual CIO

Information technology is critical to the overall operation and financial success of your bank because it directly impacts services and ultimately — our customer’s experience.

21CFS announces the addition of a new service offering–Virtual CIO. The VCIO service will work with senior management and be responsible for assisting the bank in developing strategies that utilize technologies to improve or create new offerings to benefit the bank customers or for the banks own internal use. This service allows the bank to focus on its strengths and not have the financial burden of a full time CIO. With the VCIO services the bank is retaining a professional with the proficiency of keeping up-to- date in the ever changing information technology landscape.

By utilizing Virtual CIO services from 21CFS, your bank gets the best of both worlds — an experienced IT professional at far less than what it would cost to hire someone full time.

The VCIO will provide help with:
  • answering questions related to strategic direction
  • internal network capacity planning
  • guidance to problems / opportunities
  • management oversight of technical projects
  • review of IT proposals

We offer 24/7 Support
We offer 24/7 Support
21CFS delivers high-availability banking applications. You will never experience down time as the latest in technology is used to ensure processing continues to a recovery system should the primary network have problems. This important feature gives you the ability to allow your customers 24/7 access to their financial information in a secure and fail-safe environment. Plus, when you have a question, need an answer, or have an emergency, our team is on call 7 days a week to assist you.
Reliable & Fast Servers
Reliable & Fast Servers
When you work with 21CFS you get:
• A partner who will ensure you have flexibility and control on a variety of value-added services.
• Customizable data processing solutions tailored to your needs
• Automation of teller, new account openings, document imaging, ACH, FINCEN and more.
• Solid system for paperless transactions.
• High-touch customer service for you and your customers.
• System that gives your customers quick, accurate and reliable access to all their banking information.
Fair and Predictable Pricing
Community Based Solutions
21CFS billing is easy and predictable because we provide Asset-Based Pricing. It's just that simple! You will receive a quoted price up front so you can predict from month 1to 12 your invoice. Plus, it's one simple concise page, with no hidden fees.

“With the offering from 21CFS, we have been able to immediately drive efficiencies across the board.” – Texas Bank President

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